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NationCare matches local health plans with best-in-class corporate partners.

AMVA recognized many years ago that NationCare’s success would depend upon assembling a blue-ribbon compendium of best-in-class service partners. Accordingly, NationCare’s proven track record of success in broadening local health plan markets, expanding their product capabilities and increasing their in-area enrollment and revenues is due to the strong, long-term relationships with its corporate partners:

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Sterling Life Insurance Company is a leading provider of health care solutions to Medicare beneficiaries. Established in 1958 and licensed in all 50 states, Sterling is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best and is dedicated to providing a variety of healthcare solutions to its members. Sterling also provides third-party administration and specialty insurance support to health care plans outside of the Medicare and Medicaid-eligible community. Sterling Life Insurance is a part of Munich Health North America and the Munich Re family of businesses.

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Meritain Health is the nation's largest independent provider of services for self-funded health plans. With headquarters in Buffalo, NY and regional offices in major cities across the country, Meritain Health has more than 1,400 employees and serves more than 1,700 self-funded clients and a million plan members.

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Founded in 1993 and currently serving more than 2.5 million members, AHH is a triple-URAC accredited medical management firm. Its services span the health care continuum, including Case Management, Utilization Management, Disease Management, Lifestyle/Wellness programs, Maternity Management, Medical Review, and Hospital Bill Auditing. AHH’s superior technology, which includes a comprehensive suite of internet products, provides a level of flexibility that supports integrated solutions for creating healthy outcomes.

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Ingenix developed the NationCare pricing tool that provides geographic cost factors down to three zip code digits across the country. The automated tool includes variable care management assumptions, allows for input of specific PPO discount assumptions, and accommodates up to five rate tiers and automated trend adjustments.

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Celtic Life Insurance began operating in 1978 as a broker and insurance and reinsurance company for group life and health coverage. Today, the company has narrowed its focus, providing a commercial conversion product and assuming all risk for conversions. Celtic Life has been rated A (excellent) by AM Best for more than 20 years and is recognized for financial stability and strength.