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NationCare broadens the markets and capabilities of local health plans

Local health plans often are leaders within their targeted market territories. Their competitive advantages include an understanding of the challenges facing local companies and strong relationships with corporate decision-makers.

However, the in-area growth of local health plans can be severely limited because they are unable to meet the needs of companies with employees located outside the health plans’ service areas—in either single out-of-state locations or multiple state locations.

Moreover, in the age of health insurance reform, employers want ease of administration, one-stop shopping and a single knowledgeable source for answers to the complexities of today’s market challenges.

NationCare was created to respond to these needs, allowing local health plans to provide economical, turnkey, transparent solutions for local employers with out-of-area employees.

The NationCare Story

NationCare was founded in 2001 with the objective to provide local health plans with a means of serving companies beyond their geographic limitations. The result was a cost-effective, fully compliant solution that supplies local health plans access to broadly expanded markets and large potential clients.

Today, NationCare is recognized as the managed care industry’s premier out-of-area solution. Among its capabilities are a fully compliant product with an A.M. Best A-rated carrier, uniform health benefits administration, premium billing and collection, centralized account servicing, eligibility and enrollment, PPO administration, triple-URAC accredited medical management and plan underwriting. In addition, NationCare, through a leading national actuarial consulting firm, has developed an automated national pricing tool that develops pricing references down to three digits of the ZIP code for the entire United States.

These products and services are delivered by best-in-class corporate partners specially selected for their expertise in the managed care and health insurance industry due to their reputation as innovative, knowledgeable, responsive, customer-driven organizations.

Expansive Capabilities

NationCare provides a wide array of additional capabilities to local health plans that have the need to offer in-area PPO products or other alternative delivery facilities to their existing markets.

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