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AMVA's products and services boost health plans' competitiveness

AMVA, NationCare’s parent company, was founded in 1996 in Alexandria, Virginia. With its corporate headquarters now in Naples, Florida, AMVA is a consulting company that specializes in solving the strategic challenges confronting provider-sponsored health plans and other entities active in the managed care industry.

Today, AMVA is widely recognized as a leading authority in the development and financing of alternative products and services. The company is responsible for coordinating NationCare’s activities, including plan implementation, vendor oversight, resolution of product issues and customer service.

Fronting Company and Alternative Risk Transfer Solutions

AMVA arranges fronting facility solutions for organizations that are financially capable of assuming risk but lack the insurance licenses necessary to market and accept such risk. Among these organizations are special needs health plans, pharmacy benefit managers, disease management companies and other specialty provider organizations.

These organizations rely on AMVA to provide turn-key, fully compliant insurance vehicles and risk transfer solutions to fully exploit their unique opportunities. AMVA assumes full responsibility for product filings, arrangement of fronting relationships and development of the ideal risk transfer method. These services are funneled through AMVA’s relationships with best-in-class corporate partners.

Health Plan Consulting

AMVA provides a variety of consulting services, with primary expertise in the following areas:

  • Marketing plan development.
  • Product development.
  • Targeted sales strategy development.
  • Specialized training curriculum development.
  • Strategic Planning Facilitation crafted exclusively for the healthcare industry.

Through these services, AMVA helps health plans of all sizes compete more effectively, increase their sales and enhance their revenues.

For additional information about AMVA’s products and services, contact AMVA via email, telephone, fax or mail.